Plum Benefits is an easy, cost-free employee benefit service that provides unique entertainment offers exclusively to corporations. We build relationships with entertainment events to create valuable opportunities for your employees, maximizing their entertainment options while saving them time and money. We deliver consistent results and reliable service, boosting employee morale without burdening HR budgets.

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The Benefits

It's Fun!
The bright lights of Broadway. The pulse-pounding rush of sports. The giggle-inducing fun of family events. Whatever your entertainment preference, Plum Benefits provides the access, information, seats and discounts for a great night out.

It's Easy!
No more coordination, group requirements, broker fees or even minimum ticket obligations! We negotiate entertainment offers on your behalf and you forward them in an email to your employees. It's that simple!

It's Cost-Free!
Looking for a catch? There is none! Your direct distribution of our entertainment offers to your employees keeps our service free for your company and eliminates work for you. That's what we call a "plum" benefit.

It's Useful!
Need to boost employee morale? Looking to entertain important clients? Want to motivate your sales force or plan a unique office outing? Turn to Plum Benefits for a solution to many of your business needs.

It's Valuable!
There's something inherently plum in providing a service to your employees that they can't get anywhere else. Because our offers are exclusive, suddenly your company is the key to accessing premiere entertainment.

It's Helpful! and our friendly Customer Service Team are available to answer your employees' questions, provide personal recommendations and guide them through the ordering process – so you don't have to!

It's Effective!
Now you've created plum jobs at your company! After all, what employee wouldn't appreciate saving time and money on entertainment?

The Service

1. We Do the Work
Looking for discount tickets? An idea for Saturday night? Access to sold-out seats? Each month, we create a comprehensive Entertainment Guide that includes a wide variety of offers and events, making it easy to find the perfect entertainment option.

2. You Spread the Word
At the beginning of every month you will receive the Entertainment Guide from us and forward it to your employees. New events and opportunities are added regularly, and your direct distribution ensures that employees are informed about the service and can take advantage of the new offers.

3. Employees Take Advantage
Once your employees have the Entertainment Guides in hand, they have all the information they need to order tickets on their own. We even have a friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service team and Website that they can turn to with questions – instead of contacting you!

4. Plum Jobs Created!
Regular distribution of our Entertainment Guides communicates your company's commitment to your employees. Employees appreciate this commitment as well as the plum entertainment offers you provide.


Fill out our registration form and an Account Manager will contact you shortly to discuss making Plum Benefits Your Entertainment Guide.