Plum Before You Buy!

Plum Benefits is a free and exclusive service that provides members with access and discounts to a variety of entertainment offers. 

New York City is full of the biggest games, hottest shows, fantastic concerts, best restaurants and so much more – you have enough to think about! Let Plum Benefits take care of the access, information, seats and discounts. We promise to maximize your entertainment options while saving you time and money. Easy and free are no longer mutually exclusive.

To view an example of our valuable entertainment offers, check out a sample Plum Benefits Entertainment Guide

Joining is Free...Interested?

To implement the Plum Benefits program, please identify a point person within your company or organization that will serve as your Plum Benefits Organizer.  This could be anyone within your company or organization — Office Managers, HR, or Member Services... it could even be you!

To have a Plum Benefits Account Manager contact your company or organization, click here.